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Hate speeches of Angana

This URL has the longer version of the letter and list of signatories including Angana Chatterji (misspelt Cheaterji). Signatory #19 : Angana Chatterji, Ph.D., scholar-activist and professor of anthropology

This is sufficient ground to report to homeland security.

Here is copy of a letter (short version) being circulated in the U.S. Congress which alleges that 9/11 attacks were an "inside job," engineered by the Bush Administration.

Guess who is one of the signees-- Angana Chatterji.

Nothing wrong with getting to the truth about the "Iraq Memo" but that is a red herring. The real purpose is to gain legitimacy for the "Inside job" conspiracy theory.

Note also that Angana Chatterji has publicly charged that sending money to help families of firefighters who died in the World Trade Center attack was anti-Muslim. Her behavior and her consistent public positions (she has no record of scholarly publications to speak of) and record of articles in the Pakistani media suggest that she is for ever looking for funding from such sources.

The Homeland Security Department should be advised to look into her funding sources. It certainly cannot be limited to one impoverished non-descript college like the CIIS.

I am amzed that the SF Chronicle didn't do a background check on her dubious credentials. They should know something about this Califirnia Institute of Integral Studies. -- EXPERT COMMENT

Listen to this speech , and comments on 911 and her support for Islam /Muslim .

ANTI-AMERICAN RHETORIC , Pro Islamic speech : Mourning Bagdad : Liberating at Bagdad



S.F. professor fears Hindu retaliation Militants threaten rape over investigations of caste tension, she says Mark Williams, Jehangir Pocha, Chronicle Foreign Service

Thursday, June 23, 2005


California Institute: Liberal Anti-India, Anti-Israel, Anti US Center

California Institute: Liberal Anti-India, Anti-Israel, Anti US Center

By Yatindra Bhatnagar

California Institute of Integral Studies, a 35-year-old institute of specialized learning founded by Dr. Haridas Chaudhuri, a prominent philosopher and scholar from India, and his wife Bina, has become one of the most active centers for political activities that specialize in anti-India, anti-Hindu, anti-Israel and anti-Republican liberal, pro-Pakistan and leftist propaganda, all in the name of peace, solidarity, and justice.

The speakers at the CIIS events are mostly leftists, so-called liberals, Pakistanis, anti-Hindu, pro-Palestine, and anti-Republican Party, singing almost the same tune, without any diverse opinion. The most active is the Department of Cultural Anthropology with Dr. Angana Chatterjee as the prime mover, and activist.

All these are not even remotely connected to the “Mission and Educational Philosophy” and “the Seven Ideals” of the CIIS and the vision of its founder. Dr. Chaudhuri was a staunch disciple of Yogiraj Aurobindo of India, and was sent to San Francisco by Aurobindo himself.

The astonishing part of the whole situation is that one of the faculty members, Dr. Angana Chatterjee, professor of Cultural Anthropology and her husband, professor Richard Shapiro, have been frequently organizing seminars, talks, discussions etc denouncing Israel, alleging the rise of “Hindu militancy,” in India and the US, criticizing India’s Central, and a few state governments, specially, the Gujarat government, and also indulging in open opposition to the Republican Party, the war in Iraq, President George Bush, his Cabinet and his policies.

Often political candidates are promoted and their election literature is distributed at seminars organized by the Department of Cultural Anthropology under Dr. Chatterjee.

The recent Dialogue for Peace, Democracy Today, Human Rights, Globalization, War and Peace, September 19, had all the ingredients of anti-Israel and pro-Palestine propaganda. Though the topics did not specifically include views on India and Hindu groups in India and the US, Dr. Chatterjee, and a couple of others, did not fail to pour out their venom against India, its Central and state government of Gujarat, Hindu groups and some development activities.

That was all one-sided as usual. In a few previous seminars questions were not allowed to be put by attendees that were suspected of having diverse views. A previous discussion on Kashmir had the partisan spectacle of some prominent Kashmiris being denied time to speak. Only after some spirited protest one was allowed 2 minutes and the other 20 seconds. One persistent questioner was not allowed to put his question and Dr. Chatterjee bluntly told him: “What is my incentive to allow you to put question when you write against me.”

Some educational institute. Some integral studies and open forums.

At the September 19 event, Israeli victims of suicide bombings were ignored, Israeli government was blasted, Palestinian suicide bombers were not condemned and their dead mourned (that included terror groups such as Hamas who are the main targets of Israeli retaliation to suicide bombings).

In addition, Iraq war was again denounced and President Bush blasted. Saddam Hussein’s brutalities were not mentioned, the discovery of mass graves ignored, and the strong action against terrorists and potential terrorists in the US condemned. In the name of civil liberties, national liberty was made to look insignificant and sympathy was expressed for the captured and detained suspects at Guantanamo Bay by the American government.

Dr. Chatterjee, could not restrain herself and let go her pathological hatred for Hindus and the rise of Hindu nationalism and poured venom. In strong terms she denounced what she termed as Hindu militancy and blamed Hindu groups, Gujarat government and the Central government led by the Bharatiya Janata Party, for all the communal and social ills of India. She also alleged that Hindu groups wanted to make India a Hindu nation. and that some RSS workers had told her so in Orissa.

Chatterjee reiterated her opinion that Narendra Modi, Chief Minister of Gujarat, was a criminal and that Hindu government and the Hindu police connived with militant Hindu groups to kill over 2000 Muslims in Gujarat last year. As usual, she conveniently forgot to mention that Gujarat riots started because of the burning alive of 57 Hindus, mostly women and children returning from a pilgrimage to Ayodhya. Again, facts do not mean anything for Chatterjee when she mentioned the number of Muslims killed, without including the number of Hindus and the policemen killed. Nearly half of those killed were Hindus and policemen but Angana Chatterjee would not know that.

She again criticized “majoritarianism” of the Hindus who, according to her, are against minorities. She said, Hindu militancy, and “Hindu Masculine Culture” have made Muslims live in fear. Terming Hindu awakening as “Hindu tyranny and genocidal energy,” she said the Central government in India is the arm of Hindu militancy. Chatterjee alleged that Hindu militants are forcibly re-converting tribals to Hinduism.

Her another patent view was that those Hindu militants have Nazi Germany and Fascist Mussolini as their inspiration.

I patiently listened to the harangue and baseless allegations but at the end went up to Chatterjee and told her that she had outdone herself to further her hate-Hindu agenda and that she had a pathological hatred for Hindus. I also told her that she was telling lies, was wrong, that no responsible Hindu leader, group or prominent individual wanted India declared a Hindu nation; the country is secular and would remain so.

She flared up and said that she is a professor at the Institute that I was calling her a liar. My reaction was that CIIS was a temple of learning and nobody should tell lies here and what she says about Hindu groups and funds going to them were all lies.

She had said that funds for Hindu groups and IDRF were going to militants and for spreading hatred for minorities, Muslims, Christians, Dalits etc. She also forgets thousands of Muslim madrasas teaching hatred for all non-Muslims.

Among the speakers on Israel and “peace” were Judy Wexler, the Vice President of CIIS, Dorsey Blake who opposed strong steps against suspected terrorists under the Patriot Act, Chatterjee’s husband, professor Richard Shapiro, a young Israeli, Liat Weingart who blasted Israel for “brutalities on Palestinians.” A Palestinian, Hatem Bazian, denounced US support for Israel, blamed Israel for violence in the Middle East, and for the failure of the peace proposals, and termed American democracy as a marketing ploy. Another Chatterjee- favorite, Pakistani speaker Zulfiqar Ahmed, blamed Hindu fundamentalists, Shiv Sena for extremism in India. He mentioned that one of the Hindu leaders had said that now we have three gods (two are well known and the third, Ariel Sharon (the Israeli Prime Minister).

He also criticized President Bush and his National Security Advisor Condoleezza Rice and Secretary of State Colin Powell for their policies.

At the beginning a Jewish activist, Penny Rosenwasser sang and criticized Israel for its policies.

September 24, 2003