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Rashtriya Swabhiman Manch: ALERT HOMELAND SECURITY : Angana Chatterji say 911 attack an "inside job"

Rashtriya Swabhiman Manch: ALERT HOMELAND SECURITY : Angana Chatterji say 911 attack an "inside job"

Angana Chatterji :Credentials questioned

IPT charge baseless: Sangh

Statesman News Service

BHUBANESWAR, June 16. — The VHP and the Bajrang Dal today spewed venom
on so-called Hindu baiters who had conspired to defame the saffron
Reacting sharply to the Indian People's Tribunal for Environment and
Human Rights charge that some VHP activists had threatened to rape and
strip them during a public hearing on 14 June here, Bajrang Dal state
convener Mr Subash Chouhan said it was not only a baseless charge but
a conspiracy to defame the saffron outfits.

Addressing a press conference, Mr Chouhan questioned the presence of
the IPT team. He wondered what it was doing there and why it had
wanted to rake up incidents which had taken place a few years ago at
Phulbani or Jagatsinghpur.
The Bajrang Dal leader pointed out that these pro-left activists
working under the garb of self-styled tribunals had not even taken
permission from district authorities for their visit.

It was a pre-planned move to fan communal passions and rake up old and
forgotten issues, he alleged.

He also questioned the credentials of Angana Chatterji of the IPT and
said she had introduced herself a couple of years ago as a journalist
and was also seen addressing a Left party meeting. This time round she
had claimed to be an academic, he said.

Denying that any Bajrang Dal or VHP activist had attended the public
hearing, Mr Chouhan said he had deputed two of his representatives who
were denied entry.

He alleged that the party's activists had been denied entry as this
would deprive the IPT of the opportunity to level false allegations.

Mr Chouhan wondered why the tribunal members had not informed police

They were reportedly recording statements of those who were present
but strangely they had not furnished a photograph of one of those who
had allegedly threatened to rape or strip them, he noted.

The Bajrang Dal leader was, however, evasive on the IPT charge that
the VHP activists had received a fax and then turned aggressive. The
fax was from a VHP leader who had been invited and he had sent in his
statement that he was not able to attend, Mr Chouhan said.

In a related incident, women activists of a CPI-M-affiliated body
today staged a demonstration in front of the SP office here demanding
arrest of those who had misbehaved with the IPT members.

ALERT HOMELAND SECURITY : Angana Chatterji say 911 attack an "inside job"
This URL has the longer version of the letter and list of signatories including Angana Chatterji (misspelt Cheaterji). Signatory #19 : Angana Chatterji, Ph.D., scholar-activist and professor of anthropology

This is sufficient ground to report to homeland security.

Here is copy of a letter (short version) being circulated in the U.S. Congress which alleges that 9/11 attacks were an "inside job," engineered by the Bush Administration.

Guess who is one of the signees-- Angana Chatterji.

Nothing wrong with getting to the truth about the "Iraq Memo" but that is a red herring. The real purpose is to gain legitimacy for the "Inside job" conspiracy theory.

Note also that Angana Chatterji has publicly charged that sending money to help families of firefighters who died in the World Trade Center attack was anti-Muslim. Her behavior and her consistent public positions (she has no record of scholarly publications to speak of) and record of articles in the Pakistani media suggest that she is for ever looking for funding from such sources.

The Homeland Security Department should be advised to look into her funding sources. It certainly cannot be limited to one impoverished non-descript college like the CIIS.

I am amzed that the SF Chronicle didn't do a background check on her dubious credentials. They should know something about this Califirnia Institute of Integral Studies. -- EXPERT COMMENT



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